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Transactions from the buying and selling of gold can go up into the millions of dollars. These commissions can be securely deposited to our trust account for help facilitate the smooth execution of the gold transaction. The attorney client trust account (or “IOLTA” account) provides extra protection for your money, since it is monitored by the state bar.

Top Paymaster provide secure trust account for your money

You should contact us to help you to provide a secure way to deliver your commission from your Gold Transactions. Please use the Contact Us form to communicate with us regarding your particular situation.

We provide paymaster services to you as an individual or as a company (whether Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Partnership, or any other kind of entity around the world).

Fees: Greater of 1% or $5,000.00 for escrow or Paymaster Services.
Other fees: $350 per hour for negotiating and drafting Contract.
Gold Transaction: Fee Contract
Contract:Copy of the contract, agreement, or instructions as to the disbursement of the money,
Paymaster agreement: Please download and read a copy of the contract
Identity:Proof of your identity. A copy of your driver’s license or passport,
IRS Form:US Citizens and Residents need to complete IRS form W-9.
IRS Form: Non-US Citizens and Residents need to complete IRS form W-8(BEN).